YOCISO is busy preparing to launch the Newcomer Youth Centre at 1800 Bank Street on the 3rd Floor alongside LINC.  We are very excited to create our youth-centric space, but we need some help from our community!

To make our new home comfortable and appealing for our youth, we are in need of some lightly used items that maybe you were looking to part with. Here’s a list of what we could currently use:

  • Board games, puzzles and group games
  • Musical instruments (guitar, hand drums, and shakers, but others are welcome)
  • Craft materials (glue, paint, painting canvases, construction and cardstock paper)
  • Video game consoles in working condition, old and new systems: Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Playstation, X-Box, Wii
  •  Music & Electronic hardware (amplifier w/ aux in, inputs & outputs, speakers, a turntable or record player (for music production), laptop, microphones, mic stands, etc. etc…)
  •  A Bookshelf (preferably taller)
  •  Video or photo cameras (working condition)
  •  Floor cushions/bean bags for seating

Stay tuned for the official launch of the centre!